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Use Datix Connect for Epicor 9 or 10

With Datix Connect for Epicor ERP, integration for all of your enterprise software is affordable, rapidly- deployable and flexible. Datix Connect for Epicor is a pre-built enterprise connector that delivers seamless integration between Epicor version 9 and 10. It allows businesses to connect their Epicor ERP system to their CRM, e-commerce, marketing automation software, parent ERP, and other enterprise software investments.

Our connector allows your business to add new features related to sales, marketing, finances, and IT that simply could not exist without it. By connecting your Epicor ERP system to these other systems, you can save time and money wasted on dual entries, cumbersome processes, and improve efficiency all across your organization. This creates a singular source of the truth for businesses, and can help mitigate risk during an implementation or help ensure that business opportunities don’t fall through the cracks.

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Interested in how the integration works?

Our connector is seamless, and can provide data-transfer in real-time or on a schedule. Datix Connect is a solution that can be deployed with no on-site installation, no coding and no maintenance. In other words, minimal impact to your technical resources

If your business is interested in connecting Salesforce or Microsoft Dyanmics CRM with Epicor, please visit our Unity page to learn more about our pre-built, managed applications that integrate both those CRM software systems with Epicor ERP.

If you’d like to see our connector or managed applications for yourself, fill out the contact form to your right. Someone from our team will reach out and provide you with the resources necessary to fully-understand our integration solutions.