Datix Services

Services That Align Software With Your Business

Datix possesses over 18 years of in-depth industry experience with software implementation, business process modeling and enterprise integration. At Datix, we specialize in helping mid market businesses develop solutions that help them maximize efficiency from all of their software investments. We achieve success through proven processes, expertly devised integration solutions, and effective custom designs.

Our business is tailored to those in the manufacturing, distribution, food and beverage, retail and professional services industries. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses implement and integrate ERP systems, CRM software, and other enterprise platforms. Our organization is recognized as an industry standard in business process modeling, custom integration applications, and custom software solutions. Our implementation process is proven, and our clients know that the solutions we implement for their business will have our full support before, during, and after going live.

  • ERP Consulting

    As a certified Epicor Certified Gold Partner, Datix understands the challenges companies face when implementing ERP. We are specialists in business process modeling, and believe that an ERP will only work as well as it is initially implemented. We possess unique industry knowledge regarding ERP systems integration and custom development.

  • CRM Consulting

    As both a MS Dynamics and Salesforce Sales Cloud certified partner, we can provide an unbiased perspective on the best CRM for your business. Widely considered two of the best CRMs on the market, each system has its own strengths and weaknesses. We specialize in helping business select the best CRM for their processes and then  make these powerful products conform to their way of doing business. We help businesses implement a CRM system that is modeled to their sales processes, metrics, and departments. At Datix our belief is that the software itself is far less important than the means by which it is implemented, and we put all of our expertise and passion into ensuring your implementation is successful.

  • Systems Integration

    The future of the mid market enterprise is total interconnectivity. Today’s businesses have specialized systems that are specific to each department and often operate in inefficient silos. At Datix, we connect these systems —through the use of our pre-built connectors and managed applications —and help executives contract a singular system that provides enterprise software synergy across all departments. Our exclusive, prebuilt integrator Unity offers rapidly-deployable, seamless and affordable ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, and ERP-Ecommerce solutions for a diverse cross-section of businesses.

  • ERP Implementation & Training

    We are specialists in integrating and training your team on Epicor, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Magento, and Tableau. Whether you’re executing a new installation, business process modeling,  or need additional customizations and training, Datix has you covered. We’ve stepped in to help businesses at every stage of implementation, and can right a project going off the rails in no time. Our process and training methods are proven and we have the testimonials to prove it.

  • Application Strategy & Business Process Modeling

    Business process modeling is an essential component for the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries. Our expertise in developing processes that work the way you do will help help your organization create powerful new business outcomes. What a lot of companies fail to realize is that enterprise software rarely works the way you need it to “out of the box”. This becomes apparent after users begin engaging with the system. We can help save time and money by stepping in and molding the software to fit the user.

  • Continuous Improvement Program

    Our service plans ensure your systems, network and processes are constantly working to improve your business, every day. Datix has a dedicated staff of software experts that will help maintain and work on your new software not just before the go-live date, but after. This can be done to implement new modules, ensure proper use, automate processes, and more. We believe that continuous improvement is the best way to prevent software failure, and we want to ensure your business is getting better everyday!