Enterprise Software Solutions

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Datix has partnered with the leading enterprise ERP, CRM and eCommerce software providers to offer the optimal enterprise implementation, integration, and intelligence solutions for your organization.

We provide implementation, integration, and process improvement services for all the enterprise software listed below. We believe that processes are more important than software when it comes to any enterprise implementation or integration, so we focus on your individual business needs first. Our foundation for every project is built on best practices; which means we work tirelessly to make sure everything we implement works, and works specifically for your business.

We specialize in creating a connected enterprise. We believe in finding the right tool for the right job, implementing it to perfection, having it work in harmonious synergy with all other systems and adding a layer of intelligence above everything for a 360 degree view of all that happens inside of your enterprise: saving you precious time and money.


Epicor is one of the world’s largest providers of integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and HCM software solutions for mid-market companies. Its products support more than 20,000 manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and professional service organizations across the globe.

Datix recognizes that most organizations need help with implementation, function, and development of their Epicor software. Our proven process ensures that this powerful software works for your organization the way it was intended: no matter what stage your Epicor project is in. We perform work from start to finish, rescue projects in trouble, and can step in to help organizations upgrade to the most current version.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform puts key business information at your fingertips. Its benefits for companies has been proven with 30,000 Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers in 80 countries and more than 2 million users. It’s always available online, offline and now on a new and improved mobile app.

Datix helps businesses model their implementation and training off of best practices that have proven ROI in a Dynamics 365 project. We can help any organization implement the software the way it was intended, so that your business receives the true benefits that a CRM system can unlock.


As the world’s largest provider of customer relationship management (CRM) software, Salesforce makes it easy for companies to access cloud based social and mobile CRM functions. The world’s leader in enterprise cloud computing helps 100,000 customers and counting.

Businesses often come to us wondering if Salesforce is right for their business, and how they can get the most out of the software. If your business has a sophisticated sales process, a sales team reliant on mobile devices and data there is a very good chance that Salesforce can greatly benefit your organization. However, understanding why and how to achieve the best results from the software is key. We specialize in helping clients do exactly that!


Unity is a pre-built integration application that allows organizations to seamlessly connect two pieces of enterprise software in a standardized format, and we have used most often for Epicor ERP integration. Clients worldwide use Unity for data integration with leading CRM’s like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, and pioneering eCommerce platforms like Magento. Recently, we just launched Unity X, an easily deployed solution that syncs Epicor with XE.com. That means you can get automated, daily and accurate updates to exchange rates in your Epicor multi-currency platform!

Unity allows organization to transfer critical data back and forth between systems instantly without dual-entries. No more spreadsheets or cumbersome processes. This inventive application is used by hundreds of businesses all over the world, contact us for a demo to see how it can benefit your organization.


As an eCommerce platform, Magento is uniquely built to be highly customizable and thus amenable to the unique needs a manufacturer might have from online stores. For example, you may need to have customizable parts or groups of items that are usually sold together, like plumbing pipes and connectors. Magento’s Enterprise Edition allows you to turn these needs into eCommerce experiences for your customers, including suggested items, options for customization and discounts for loyal customers.

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