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In today’s environment, businesses need to be more agile, efficient, and innovative than ever before. That’s why Datix created Unity; our line of managed, pre-built ERP to CRM integration applications that provide mid market businesses like yours the dynamic ability to affordably connect two pieces of powerful software together in a uniform way, whether you are running a Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce CRM instance.

Business Integration That Works the Way You Dobusiness integration app

Unity, our flagship product, is specifically designed by the integration experts at Datix to facilitate ERP to CRM integration programs in the most dynamic and commonly requested ways. Our consultants have almost 20 years of experience helping businesses integrate their enterprise software. We have used this experience to design our managed applications to allow businesses to achieve maximum functionality and ROI from each software investment. After countless ERP to CRM integrations, our team realized the enormous need for a pre-built, hassle-free and affordable platform that is ready to get straight to work connecting your enterprise systems.

All of our Unity applications are provided in packages that allow you to fit the integration perfectly to your organization, with little to no visibility on the front-end. The apps are both powerful and flexible, and can be managed and supported by our team even after the go-live date. Although they have been pre-built for your convenience, the Unity ERP to CRM integration applications leave room for things like custom fields and other unique items that allow each business to make the app work the way they want it to. We know that every business is unique and has specific processes that need to be supported by software. Datix works closely with your team to ensure that your integration is just as individual as your business, while keeping the tried-and-tested Unity structure.

ERP to CRM Integration You Can Count On

business integration consultingThe Unity apps are available on certified app exchanges where applicable, or you can get in touch with us to learn more about what Unity can do for your organization. Our deployments take less than 3 days and start working immediately. There is no coding or database modification. Our products are pre-built connection platforms that simply allow data to go from one system to the another seamlessly and easily, with no visible disruption to your end-users and the instant benefits of information sharing and data analysis that ERP to CRM integration allows your business.

All Unity applications are managed by our expert team of developers and consultants. That means that once you purchase the app that you will always be operating on the most up to date version—we take care of the behind-the-scenes work for you. Any changes or updates that are made will be seamlessly transferred to your product ensuring that your integration has the most up-to-date features and optimizations. Have an issue with Unity or notice a problem with the connectivity? Datix takes care of the support, and will be on hand to iron out all the kinks and answer your questions.

Bottom line; Unity is the easiest and most efficient way to get total ERP to CRM integration within your business. Get in touch with us today to receive a demo from our consultants and understand why we are so proud of our product!

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Why Unity?

It’s simple. ERP to CRM integration was once a customization that took vital organizational time and financial resources, and often required consultants to come on-site for in-depth work with servers and company data. With Unity, businesses can now implement these same business integrations in less than 3 days at a fraction of the cost, with little disruption to your day-to-day operations. We think it’s a no-brainer.

Current Unity applications available:

Epicor ERP (Version 9 or 10) data connection with Salesforce:

Unity: Epicor to Salesforce provides Epicor ERP users the powerful ability to sync data between Epicor (whether your instance is hosted on-site or multi-tenant) and Salesforce CRM. This allows the sync of valuable contact, account, shipping, and other important info.

Epicor ERP (Version 9 or 10) data connection with Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Unity: Epicor to Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides Epicor ERP users the powerful ability to sync data between Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows the sync of valuable contact, account, shipping, and other important info.