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How to FTP a File to a Remote Server and Change Permissions

FTPAre you trying to FTP a file but require a bit more functionality than the standard method offers? Having an especially difficult time finding that solution in the .NET 2.0 framework? Recently, we worked with a client who needed to FTP files and then change permissions on the file. However, they were using .NET framework 2.0. The usual way to do this would be to use FTPWebRequest, but it doesn’t support the CHMOD command, so we had to find another way.

How to Use BPM Messages in Epicor ERP

BPM messages can be used to both debug BPMs and show information to Epicor users. The code in this post gives two examples of how messages can be used in your BPMs.

Configuring Default Site Address for Shipped Epicor Reports

Sometimes small configuration steps are overlooked when upgrading or migrating to a new ERP system. Most clients use several of the shipped Epicor reports and might assume a customization is required to get the correct default site address to populate on common forms such as sales order acknowledgments, purchase orders…

Setting Up Routine Backup for Epicor Progress Database

Looking to set up and schedule a routine backup for your Epicor Progress database? How about one that will remove old backups after a specified number of days and compresses the backup file to save space? This week’s Tech Toolbox has an example of a batch file that does just…

Auto Assign Project ID with BPM in Epicor

If your company wants to streamline its project entry process, you can customize Epicor to auto-assign a project ID. Our developer walks through the steps needed to make this happen successful.

Quick Epicor Tip to Resolve Posting Status

Quick Epicor Tip to Resolve Posting Status For this Epicor ERP quick tip, I was working in Epicor version 9. This happened to me, and if it has happened to you here is how to solve it! If an Epicor client reports an issue where they post a group (invoice,…

How to Use the Tracing Feature in Epicor

How to Use the Tracing Feature in Epicor In my experience with Epicor ERP, I found it helpful to  examine background tasks. When developing this allows you to see the ins and outs when debugging for instance.  For this, I recommend using the Tracing feature.

Crystal Reports Technique: Passing Data from Subreport to Parent

On a couple of occasions, I have needed to sum data or concatenate a string within a subreport, and then pass the data back to the parent report for display. The key for doing this is passing the data in a variable within a Formula Field that exists on both the subreport as well as the parent report.

How to Update Job Operations from Customer Shipment Entry in Epicor ERP

Epicor 9 Job OperationsUsing customizations in Epicor, you can update a completely different object from the screen you are currently working on. For example, when I set a Customer Shipment Entry as “Shipped” by checking the “ReadyToInvoice” checkbox, I was then able to set the “OpComplete” field as true for the Job Operations that were tied to the shipment.

Save Time in Epicor ERP: Add Sign Off Line to Job Traveler Reports

On November 23, 2013, Posted by , In Power Tips: Epicor ERP,Technology Tips & Tricks, With 1 Comment

Save Time in Epicor ERP: Add Sign Off Line to Job Traveler Reports Time saving tips for Epicor are always helpful. I wanted to share a tip that has helped our clients save time in Epicor ERP. In this brief tutorial, I show how easy it is to add a…

How to Create a Sales Order from a Quote in Epicor 9

Create a Sales Order from a Quote in Epicor 9 Here’s a tip for creating a sales order from a quote in Epicor 9 when the customer is not allowed to have duplicate PO numbers: If you want to create a sales order from a quote in Sales Order Entry…

How to Call a BAQ from Script Editor in Epicor ERP

ERP tech helpFor this Epicor tutorial, our developer wanted to share a tip she learned while working with a Business Activity Query(BAQ) in Epicor. After a BAQ has been created, you will be able to call the BAQ from code within the script editor inside of a customization, which allows you to access the data the BAQ returns.

Epicor User Codes in Drop Down Box Tutorial

Epicor 2013 award ERP Epicor User Codes are a great way to dynamically manage values in a drop down box in Epicor. We use them in many of our customizations, but because the system does not fill properties out for you it is easy to forget how to set them up.

Button to Print Pick Ticket from Order Entry – Epicor 9

button to print pick ticket Epicor 9Find answers to this common questions found on Epicor ERP forums. Many users want to be able to print reports directly from the entry screes like Order Entry. This tip will show you how to print the sales order pick ticket.

Restore Progress AppServer Configuration

I recently had a strange issue. We had a server file system filled up because of a runaway log file. The log files were removed to free up some disk space but during this process the Progress Admin Server lost its configuration information. I did a lot of digging and found…