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Automatic Pack Slip Number Generation

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warehouse-packages-worker1Many of our clients have asked why doesn’t Epicor generate the packing automatically on Receipt Entry. The short answer is that  most companies enter the packing slip number from the vendor, but in some cases there is no packing slip number. To handle this we developed a simple customization to auto generate the pack slip number.

Set Default Value in Epicor

One of the most common requests we get from customers is how to set a default value on a field in Epicor. Continue reading to view a simple example of how to set the default value on a customer field called Source. This process is fairly simple and works for almost any field.

One Click Shipment in Epicor 9.05

credit-card-ordering-online1We have a customer that wanted to ship items directly from the sales order without having to go through the shipment entry screen. The orders never change and the items are non-stock so they don’t need the functionality provided by that screen.

Progress Explorer Tool Fails to Start on Windows 2008

consultant-smiling-outdoors1Need a fix when Progress Explorer Tool fails to start? This tech tip is for Windows 2008, specifically. Looking for more tips read this and more.