Implementing the Perfect Automotive Manufacturing ERP

To keep up with the global pace of growth, the automotive manufacturing industry must constantly readjust and adapt with the change. From complex inventories, demographic shifts and technological advancement in vehicle components, automotive manufacturing ERP needs to help companies manage all the necessary processes and changes from a single, powerful, platform.

That’s why Datix is a certified Gold Partner of Epicor ERP, a leading enterprise resource planning software. Epicor is designed to help businesses increase sales, improve customer service and reduce operating costs by creating a single nexus for process management and streamlining a business’ operations. Although the ERP platform can be applied to a wide range of markets and industries, Epicor is also dedicated to ensuring that their software addresses the needs of the automotive industry. The team is constantly consulting with leading automotive manufacturing associations and seeks the input of its customers to further develop its solution for the market. Some of the key functionalities and modules that those looking for automotive manufacturing ERP will be interested in include:

  • Global operations
  • Traceability and quality
  • Cost management
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean production
  • Production monitoring
  • Global materials management operations guidelines/logistics evaluation (MMOG/LE)

How Epicor ERP is Built for Automotive Manufacturing Challenges

Epicor ERP is built from the ground-up using a 100% service-oriented architecture (SOA) using a Microsoft technology stack. There is no complicated application programming interface (API) needed to be able to access business objects, and the SOA-based system allows for faster installation and simpler transactions. Epicor is the first in the ERP industry to provide a totally SOA-based system, and as such they are the only provider that can offer deployment for the product on-premise, hosted or single and multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS).

Nearly all of the Epicor for Automotive ERP modules, including financials, are not integrated, but embedded together in the same code base. The resulting real-time visibility, in addition to the other benefits described in this document, will help your organization achieve a world-class materials planning and logistics system in accordance with Global materials management operations guidelines (MMOG).

Automotive industry customers demand innovation and stellar customer services at ever-reducing price points. Epicor’s focus on lean production principals is designed to support paperless manufacturing and a more efficient production chain that eliminates costly waste on your shop floor. Embedded project tracking allows for budgeting, accumulating, rolling up and analyzing costs all within the same system. A manufacturer can then link jobs, orders and quotes to the same project to directly analyze labor costs, material issues and purchase order costs. You’ll know specifically which areas to target for cost-reduction, and where you can pass savings onto your valued customers.  The Epicor Mattec™ Manufacturing Execution System (MES) can also extend your Epicor system to help get the powerful metrics you need to improve performance–OEE, run rates, scrap, yield, energy consumption, material consumption, and much more. Accurate machine-related data, along with operator depth and dimension helps you pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service.

Finally, one of the most important, stand-out features of Epicor ERP for automotive manufacturers remains the support for global multi-plant management. Epicor allows manufacturers to sync operations across the globe, consolidating information across companies, servers, databases and countries. This is thanks in part to the SOA, which makes the ERP easily adaptable to any region or user without modifications to the source code. As the supply chain for the automotive manufacturing industry continues to grow more granular and widespread, such a feature is invaluable for businesses in the market.

Find out more about Epicor’s advantages by reading this Epicor Automotive Manufacturing Success Story.

Why Datix for Automotive Manufacturing ERP

Epicor ERP can truly make your life as an automotive manufacturer easier—but it won’t be able to do that straight out of the box. Yes, Epicor does specialize in manufacturing and distribution solutions, but by nature it is not built to specialize in specific verticals right away—it needs to be able to cater to its wide range of customers after all. That’s why you need a specialist with in-depth knowledge both of Epicor ERP, and of your industry needs, to build an Epicor ERP solution that has the capabilities to support your business. That includes dealing with the diversifying market and constant innovation necessary to stay ahead in the automotive manufacturing industry.

Datix has almost 20 years of experience with Epicor ERP. Our expert consultants have helped many businesses from all industries—across manufacturing and distribution—implement ERP that works for them.

Datix is also a proud member of the Epicor Automotive Alliance (EAA), a group of 8 certified Epicor partners who have united together to provide their expertise of automotive Epicor ERP to service manufacturers and part suppliers in the market.

The group’s mission statement:

To cooperatively work together to provide the absolute best software and services to the automotive part manufacturer, at the most competitive pricing, by leveraging our combined skills and experiences.

At Datix, we have shown a proven commitment to helping an Epicor automotive manufacturing ERP solution that works for them. Through the EAA we’ve amassed a pool of resources that will provide your business with unparalleled ERP implementation service. Our expert consultants can design a solution that maximizes efficiency not only in your enterprise technology, but also throughout the day-to-day processes of your business. Get in touch with us today to learn more, and to schedule a free demo with our team!

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