ERP Software for Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturing industry faces a unique set of challenges. These manufacturers must comply with some of the harshest regulations, making stringent quality management a priority in their supply chain. As part of a global industry, they require advanced functionality to maintain international transactions and keep projects on track across widespread locations. Furthermore, with medical products growing more complicated, businesses are struggling to strengthen their profit margins and manage complex operations. Where should medical device manufacturers turn to enhance their business processes?

For comprehensive support and advanced solutions, look no further than the expert consultants at Datix. An Epicor Gold Partner with over 20 years of experience delivering high-end solutions to an array of manufacturing and distribution industries, Datix is a premier software consulting firm committed to doing whatever it takes to execute sophisticated Epicor implementations. Epicor ERP serves as a flexible, scalable system capable of handling the specific demands of your industry. At Datix, we can maximize the functionality of your ERP software to help you take on global competition.

Why Choose Epicor for Medical Device Manufacturing?

For over 45 years, Epicor has been a leading ERP vendor for an array of industries, including medical device manufacturing. Epicor’s robust modules enable users to manage back-end functions such as accounting, inventory and supply chain processes in a single solution. By providing a central data hub and intuitive dashboards, Epicor generates real-time information and dynamic reports to fuel effective decision making and visibility. The solution also automates processes to increase accuracy and productivity.

In addition to this general functionality, Epicor provides specific features for medical device manufacturing. By leveraging the following tools, users can meet the unique needs of your industry:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Epicor ERP includes a robust framework to support certification, auditing and quality management to comply with FDA, ISO, cGMP and other regulations.
  • Product Traceability: The system’s Product Lifecycle Management module includes complete product history and full control over electronic documentation. Cradle-to-grave tracking ensures customer and industry requirements are met.
  • Global Operations: Epicor maintains visibility and efficiency across international sites through unique global engines and Country Specific Functionality designed to maintain taxes, compliance measures and accounts around the world. It can also support multi-lingual organizations and transactions in foreign currencies without requiring customization.
  • System Validation: Epicor includes a complete validation toolset to reduce the cost and effort of initial and ongoing validation requirements.

Businesses have plenty of ERP providers to choose from, but Epicor distinguishes itself from the competition by including comprehensive modules, flexibility and industry-specific features to drive business success.

The Datix Difference

It’s not enough to select the right ERP vendor. To protect your software investment and maximize the value of your solution, get in touch with Datix, a leading value-added reseller. We earned Epicor Gold Partner status because of our dedication to executing advanced solutions from start to finish.

We closely adhere to our Strategic Solution Process because it’s proven to deliver optimal results and keep your implementation on time and within budget. By following best practices, our consultants mitigate risk and help you increase ROI. Additionally, we specialize in business process modeling and take care of customizations to tailor your new instance to your specific workflows.

What really sets us apart is that our expertise extends far beyond ERP. A certified partner of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Salesforce, we can implement the top front-office software systems to help you boost sales. Our premier developers also created Unity, a one-of-a-kind integration solution that seamlessly connects Epicor with CRM, eCommerce or Marketing Automation systems to create a single source of truth. This pre-built application supports common bidirectional sync points without any coding on your end. We’ll even offer ongoing maintenance and updates at no extra cost.

With our extensive knowledge of multiple industries and platforms, Datix can provide optimal services and solutions to help you meet the unique needs of medical device manufacturing.  Ready to begin your ERP implementation project? Get in touch with an expert consultant at Datix today to transform your business with software!

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