Implementing Effective Fastener, Valves and Fittings Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturers of fasteners, springs, valves, and fittings face a fast-paced market with rapidly expanding supply chains and a demanding customer. To keep up, they must ensure their processes are streamlined, transparent, and scalable. An agile ERP platform that can manage and track the daily, rote tasks of manufacturing—such as production line management and scheduling, waste reduction, quoting, and more—is essential. Whether your company acts as a subcontractor, supplier, or finished goods manufacturer, your enterprise software needs to be able to target inefficiencies, track real-time information and help leaders make data-driven decisions from the sales floor to the production floor.

If you produce valves, fasteners or fittings, Epicor® ERP is highly capable of meeting the needs of your industry. We know, because Datix has spent over two decades helping businesses, both in manufacturing and distribution, implement the system. Some of the most pertinent features that fasteners, valves, and fittings manufacturers will find  in Epicor® include:

  • Support for engineer-to-order (ETO) and mixed-mode manufacturing.
  • Epicor® Social Enterprise for enhanced cross-functional collaboration.
  • Embedded project management for cost management and schedule visibility.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for complex engineering and intensive product control.
  • Lot tracking and traceability with varying units of measurement.
  • Support for multi-site, multi-plant and global operations.
  • Portals, dashboards, business process management and enterprise search to support business performance management initiatives.

The challenges that a fasteners and fittings manufacturer can face will appear at all stages of the manufacturing life cycle. Those include complex supply chains, a competitive sales process, and reducing waste on the shop floor. As a manufacturer of items nearly every other manufacturer needs to function, you no doubt also have to juggle a large number of orders and customizations. Epicor® is leading enterprise resource planning software because it has the solid tools needed to face these challenges.  The software goes beyond what you might expect from typical valves and fittings manufacturing ERP to provide advanced planning and scheduling (APS), financial management, advanced cost accounting, product lifecycle management, supply chain management and more. A powerful configurator allows you to quickly make the customizations your customers ask for. An innovative 2D rendering system previews the configurator’s changes so you can ensure you’re creating exactly what the customer’s looking for. Because the platform is a one-stop-shop for fastener manufacturers, you don’t need to try and patch together a range of solutions to ensure every one of your processes is automated. Instead, your business only needs to go through one implementation process.

Epicor® is specifically designed to reduce operating costs by creating that single nexus for process management and streamlining all your operations. Although the platform can be applied to a wide range of markets and industries, the software’s focus on lean production should be particularly enticing for fastener, valves, and fittings manufacturers. Because your customers demand greater product flexibility, shorter delivery times, and higher product quality at lower price points, you need to find a way to lower costs somewhere. Epicor® is designed to implement Kanban manufacturing strategies on your shop floor, that pulls (rather than pushes) products through the supply chain. Employing that method allows you to only order supplies and use production time on goods that you know will be bought, automatically reducing waste. You can target areas of waste and inefficiency on your shop floor and use those savings to reduce prices without reducing quality.

On top of its impressive line of waste minimizing tools, Epicor® has a Manufacturing Executing System (MES) that can eliminate the hassle of manual data collection by automatically providing fastener manufacturing with real-time, accurate data. You’ll be able to measure equipment effectiveness, anticipate downtime (and schedule repairs), and target specific areas for improvement on the shop floor, all from one powerful ERP suite. Your work center maintenance schedules will be integrated with production schedules, ensuring you can minimize downtime and efficiently fulfill demand around those maintenance times.

Why Datix for Fasteners, Valves and Fittings Manufacturing ERP

Epicor® ERP can truly make your life in the fastener manufacturing market easier but it won’t be able to do that straight out of the box. Yes, Epicor® does specialize in manufacturing and distribution solutions specifically, but by nature it is not built to specialize in verticals in manufacturing like valves and fittings right away—it needs to be able to cater to a wide range of customers after all. That’s why you’ll need a specialist with in-depth knowledge both of Epicor® ERP, and of your industry needs, to build an Epicor® valves and fittings manufacturing ERP solution that works for you. As we’ve mentioned before, your industry must balance customer demands for greater quality and lower prices with an increasingly complex supply chain. That means that any business looking to stay competitive in the market must have a streamlined enterprise software system that takes the work out of the manufacturing side, is designed to cut back waste automatically and that frees up your employees to do what they were hired to do: innovate. You won’t have to worry about the small things when Epicor® is doing the work to ensure you’re in line for you!

Datix has 20 years of experience with Epicor® ERP. Our expert consultants have helped many businesses from all industries—across manufacturing and distribution—implement ERP that works for them. We can help your fasteners, valves, and fittings manufacturing businesses do just that. Get in contact with us today to learn how we can get started with you on implementing a sophisticated and effective ERP system today!

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Implementing Effective Valves and Fittings Manufacturing ERP
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