Metalforming ERP and CRM Software Solutions

Keeping your company costs down and profits up while trying to stay ahead in a crowded industry is no easy task. We understand that precision metalforming companies constantly feel the combined pressure of competition, costs, and compliance. To successfully manage these concerns, metalforming companies require robust enterprise software systems to ensure business processes run smoothly.

At Datix, we have 20 years of experience in creating customized enterprise solutions and processes for businesses in the metalforming industry. Implementing software successfully into complex manufacturing environments is what we do best. With our groundbreaking integration tools, the top ERP and CRM software vendors and our esteemed experts in manufacturing software, we tailor our software solutions to meet your business needs. We’ll enable your metalforming business to excel in ways you never thought possible.

What We Do

Datix specializes in manufacturing ERP and CRM implementations and integrations. We are an Epicor® Gold Partner—that means we have honed a careful knowledge of the software and customizations necessary to support the unique needs of a metalforming enterprise. As your ERP consultant, we can help tailor an Epicor® platform to fit your business like a glove. From inventory management modules to lean production scheduling functionality, we can help you build the kind of software solution that will make your employees wonder why you waited so long to implement an ERP system.

But that’s not all: by using Unity, Datix’s one-of-a-kind software integration platform, you can connect a myriad of software platforms to create a single source of truth. A CRM-ERP integration improves efficiency and customer satisfaction by building an interconnected enterprise that reduces waste and offers clients comprehensive insight onto the shop floor.

No matter what stage you need help with when it comes to your metalforming software, be it system selection or post-go-live challenges, at Datix we make sure we can prove the solution works before go-live day. After that, we help you train and support your staff around efficient processes and best practices. End-to-end service is the best way to ensure our clients get the most from their software solutions.

Transforming Business Through Software

Our Metalforming ERP and CRM software solutions will help you plan, schedule and monitor your entire business by providing:

  • Agile service oriented software
  • Integrated supply chain management
  • Manufacturing services out-of-box for a faster deployment
  • Manufacturing execution system for real-time monitoring
  • Material requirements planning software

Contact us when you’re ready to start or simply have a few questions. We’re happy to help with your manufacturing software goals and challenges.