Epicor 10

Why Datix and Epicor 10? The questions our consultants usually hear over and over usually revolve around the same themes: “How do we do it”, “What are our options”, and “How much will it cost”?

The decision to move into Epicor 10 depends on several key circumstances. Those factors include; your current ERP instance—be it Epicor, another vendor or no system at all—what custom elements your system possesses, and how up to date — or “clean”— your data is. Answering these kinds of questions will usually present you with several different ERP vendors that could provide for your business no matter the solutions you seek.

We specialize in information, data, and analysis of it. Our consultants have over 18 years of experience in delving into the heart of a businesses and building a wide-ranging enterprise system that will support it. We want you to know that no matter what option is chosen by your organization that Datix will ensure that it actually works by design before the system ever goes live.

Epicor 10 includes a blend of effective global functionality built on agile technology that eliminated complexity to make Epicor 10 easier to use, more collaborative, and more responsive. It’s a great experience across multiple devices and deployment choice, and an excellent tool to drive growth and collaboration throughout your business.

“How do we do it”?upgrading epicor

We know that given unlimited time and resources that your organization would probably opt for Epicor 10 without hesitation; however in the real world we must all make complex business decisions that many needs and constraints into consideration. We can help with this one in particular. Our team has dynamic experience in the area of ERP implementation and customization. What’s more, we have a wealth of experience with mid-market manufacturers like you. We know the ins-and-outs of implementation and can leverage our experience to save you time and money.

Need to know how easy/difficult it would be for your organization to make the upgrade? We can help—just get in touch. Datix consultants can usually get to the bottom of this in minutes. Fill out our contact form above, and a member of our team will reach out and help you define an answer.

Software Reception

Epicor ERP  10 has been garnering industry buzz from the likes of Ray Wang, of Constellation Research, Cindy Jutras, founder of the publication Mint Justras, and Nick Castellina, of the Aberdeen Group. This latest release simplified the core modules making the software easier to use and more responsive.  Guided by the needs of today’s users, Epicor streamlined your ERP experience across multiple devices and expanded deployment choice. The result is an inspired solution that changes your relationship with ERP to drive growth and opportunity throughout your business.


Epicor ERP 10 Success Story

Ronald Koot, CEO and Owner, along with Jos Greeve, ICT Manager, of Boers & Co Fine Metalworking Group describe the scope of immediate benefits of their recent Epicor ERP Version 10 upgrade.

Epicor ERP 10