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With the help of our landmark product, Datix Unity, Epicor ERP and CRM Integration is a cinch.  A pre-built and managed application, it can seamlessly connect crucial data points between Epicor and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or Salesforce for an even more dynamic Epicor ERP and CRM integration.

Datix’s customizable integration product, Datix Connect, is also available in 3 different forms that allow for more custom development and coding in your Epicor ERP integration. Datix Connect allows businesses to integrate Epicor software with any other CRM, parent ERP, eCommerce, or marketing automation software; such as Marketo, Pardot, Silver Pop, Hubspot, and more. The product is easily implemented and is used by many across the globe—ask us how it can benefit your business today!

Epicor ERP and CRM integration

See exactly why connecting an ERP and CRM could change your business.

We recommend connecting your data between all of your enterprise systems so that you can retrieve an accurate overview of your customer accounts at any moment.  When you use our connector, you can maintain your integration anywhere you have internet access. You do not need to modify code, modify your database, or host a single piece of software. We put the solution to the things that keep you up at night straight into in your hands: no more double entry and no more missing data!

We don’t stop there. We ensure that before anything ever goes live to your organization that it works perfectly by design. That commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. Epicor ERP and CRM integration is our second nature, and we can help make it so for your business too.

CRM/ERP Bidirectional Synchronization is available for:

  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • CRM Calls
  • Orders
  • Quotes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Ship Tos
  • Cases

Epicor ERP and CRM Integration Synchronization is available for:

  • Price Lists
  • Parts
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • User Defined Tables
  • Suppliers
  • Shipments

Additional custom fields are built and available for your Epicor ERP and CRM integration. Datix offers completely customized integration. We can tailor Salesforce and Epicor integration specifically to your business needs. To develop your personalized solution call us today for Epicor ERP and CRM integration made easy: 314.962.3466. 

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Why Should I Use Epicor for my ERP?

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Based in Irvine, California, Epicor is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that develops innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for midsize businesses and Global 1000 companies in more than 150 countries. Most of the organization’s 20,000 customers work in the manufacturing distribution, retail, and business services industries. These companies can benefit profusely from Epicor ERP ‘s wide range of functionality and powerful modules. Datix is a certified Epicor Platinum Partner, and our consultants have almost 20 years of experience with the software. We know how to model your business processes and implement Epicor ERP to fit them perfectly!