Benefits of Epicor Social Enterprise

With an upgrade to Epicor ERP version 10, your business will have access to the all-new Epicor Social Enterprise.

Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) is a social enterprise collaboration network (ECN) for your business. It functions like an internal social network for users and is embedded within the structure of Epicor ERP.  One of the greatest features? You can access Epicor Social Enterprise on the go with a mobile or internet-connected tablet to improve the speed of decision making while reducing the frequency of meetings.  Post and filter messages to public or private groups within your company. Get notifications for changes to customer information, orders, shipments, jobs, projects and more.

Imagine waiting for important shipping, order, or invoice information. Then, picture the moment when that information ultimately comes in. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could quickly and efficiently get in touch with everyone else that was connected to that data, and inform every stakeholder necessary of the crucial intelligence. Epicor Social Enterprise allows you to carry out flows just like this quickly and seamlessly, every time you need instant communication and collaboration within your company.

Features of Epicor Social EnterpriseCloud-Marketing

  • Exchange messages/ideas with other Epicor Social Enterprise users
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Formalized groups or virtual teams
  • Respond quickly with ad-hoc collaboration using crowdsourcing
  • Interact internally and externally with customers and suppliers across the supply chain to increase visibility

How it works

epicor social enterpriseEpicor Social Enterprise leverages social media concepts like hashtags, mentions, repostings/sharing, and more to allow users to work within their Epicor ERP instance more easily and intuitively. Users can choose to follow a business object or a transaction throughout its lifetime in your enterprise business solution. Simply share updates with colleagues, business partners and even customers or suppliers from within the application or using email.

Epicor Social Enterprise provides companies with the ability to collaborate around orders, customers, suppliers, configurations, projects or any other business object within your ERP. Easily track information about an order as it progresses from a lead all the way until payment is received in a dedicated stream available within your ERP solution or within a separate portal.

Resolve complex business challenges by leveraging knowledge from across the organization using formalized groups or through the formation of informal teams (crowd-sourcing) with the knowledge that the problem resolution will be fully documented against the business object in the ERP database. These business knowledge bases can be searched or accessed from within the ERP or using Epicor Enterprise Search or #hashtags. Epicor has brought the transformative power of social media to their enterprise software, and you can leverage that power to make your business more transparent and collaborative than ever.