Fixed Fee Manufacturing ERP

Datix is an Epicor Gold Partner. Our experts come from the industry and provide expertise in business process modeling and streamlining from all angles of the business. In fact, this is why most of our clients choose us over a direct implementation with Epicor. Our clients are concerned with defining current processes, evaluating optimizations and implementing strategies that hold stakeholders accountable to system strategies that have been established to ensure project ROI, and our consultants have the expertise to do just that.

Why Choose Our Epicor Fixed Fee Implementation?

Cloud-Hosted ERP

Our fixed fee implementation is designed for multi-tenant Epicor ERP. By nature, cloud-hosted ERP is more flexible, easier to customize and provides greater value.

Time to Value

Your implementation happens on a fixed, swift schedule. You’ll be able to calculate the time to value with precision—and you will find that it’s much quicker than competitors!

Higher ROI

A low fixed price along with faster installation and training times means higher ROI for your business. There’s no hidden fees or roadblocks here to hinder your growth.


The scope for our fixed fee implementation is clear so you know exactly what to expect. Forget about the implementation horror stories you hear from your peers.