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Jet Analytics for Epicor ERP

Your business is drowning in data. Spread across multiple systems and documents, mass amounts of data are going unused or getting lost. When employees pull information from multiple systems, they’re wasting hours and possibly entering data incorrectly, resulting in dreadful inefficiencies and costly errors. Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain a single location for all your enterprise data?

That’s the power of Jet Analytics, a comprehensive Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tool that facilitates fast access to data without technical expertise. Unlike complex BI tools that users never learn to master, Jet Analytics allows users to set up reports directly inside Excel’s familiar interface. It also enables dashboard creation through Microsoft Power BI, Gartner’s most highly rated analytics software on the market. With simple drag-and-drop features, Jet Analytics will have your interactive dashboards and reports ready in no time.

Better yet, Jet Analytics comes fully integrated with Epicor ERP. Datix’s connector for Epicor enables Jet Analytics to talk to all the data housed in your ERP instance. Instead of creating reports against Epicor’s 5,000+ tables and 100,000+ fields, users can create their own reports from even their largest Epicor databases, choosing from highly simplified views of their ERP data. With the power of Jet Analytics for Epicor, everyone in your enterprise will always have the right answers to make data-driven decisions. These can all be shared internally or externally via desktop or mobile devices.

Jet Analytics

Gain Deeper Insights with Datix

For over 20 years, Datix has served as a premier software consulting firm for a wide array of manufacturers and distributors. A certified partner of Epicor, we’re always looking to maximize the value of your ERP instance. Our consultants offer implementations, integrations, customizations and more to help users get the most from their software investment.

With Jet Analytics for Epicor, we take our ERP services another step further. Jet Analytics simplifies operations by consolidating data in a single solution, providing users with instant insights. Start mastering your analytics and reporting strategies—click the button to learn more about Jet Analytics for Epicor!

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